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Children in rural mountain areas of Nepal like the Rolwaling Valley very often to do have access to or cannot afford an education. The need for modern education combined with traditional Buddhist studies is critical not only for the success the individual but also for the world. As Ngawang Tenzin Lama, the founder of the school said, “Today whether a child is from a remote mountain area or the child is from city, they both require knowledge of modern education for their bright future. But equally important is the knowledge of morality and spirituality which can be acquired through study of the vast teachings of the Buddha. Bringing these two streams of knowledge together will equip today's and future generation to face modern day problems” with wisdom and compassion.

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About the Sacred Rolwaling Valley of Nepal

Rolwaling is located near Tibet in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. More than 50 peaks reach over 6,000 meters (19,600 ft) in this sacred valley. The great Buddhist master Padmasambhava once said the entire valley was completely carved with one stroke of his plow. The people who live in primitive conditions in this remote part of the world see the land and culture as inextricably bound. They live with respect for and in harmony with the environment, and they find a way to cultivate joy in what are sometimes extremely challenging external circumstances. 



Students at the school receive a modern education combined with traditional Buddhist studies. Whether the students choose to return to their communities, continue their education at a university, or go on to have long lives as Buddhist monks. They will carry with them into the world a spiritual foundation, system of ethics, and strong connection to Tibetan Buddhism, one of the most sacred cultures the world has ever known.

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